Breaking the 'cycle' of homelessness

One of our staff members at Rentstart, Patrick, made one of our clients very happy this week as he managed to source her a bike. He did this by teaming up with the fantastic Walton Bike Project.


Walton Bike Project take public donations of old or unwanted bikes are up-cycled to provide cycle maintenance skills, training and work experience for local job seekers and young people who will be taught how to refurbish these bikes. These good quality second hand bikes are then sold to the local community at affordable prices.

Thank you Walton Bike Project for putting on a new saddle, gifting a helmet and a bike padlock. All for free for our client.

It’s great when we can help people with practical things like this that will make such a big difference in their lives. This is one of our favourite examples lately of how we’ve been able to do that.