Freedom to.....

This week we’ve been writing up some reports for funders, one of them concentrates on our project called “Freedom2work” which is now at the end of its third year.

The aim of Freedom2work was to support our clients into quality and sustained work, enabling them to move on from our support. We not only housed these clients, but gave intensive employment support and helped them to budget and save towards a future living independently.

“On Thursday I have an interview with someone at Brooklands college – it’ll be the next positive step. With domestic wiring – maximum six months and I’ll be qualified.”

74 people have now been part of this project, with 36 of them now working and 62 saving regularly - between them they have saved over £7,000.

We are delighted with the results of the project - which still continues - and hope to support many more of our clients into employment and independence in the months to come.