"On course" this week!

An area of our work that we’ve been focusing on recently is how we support our 18-30 year old clients. Berkeley Homes have generously funded this work and we are now providing a variety of different sessions from one to one coaching, through to tenancy support and employability skills sessions. These have always been aspects of our work, but we’ve found a new freedom to think about the best was to make this work well for our younger clients.


 This week we've been taking people through Level 2 Food Hygiene courses. A simple, practical thing. We set up laptops in our meeting room, laid out some tea and biscuits and went through this online course. There are a number of barriers as to why our clients wouldn’t take on this type of course by themselves. Firstly, even the proactive thought that a qualification like this may be helpful is something that doesn’t necessarily strike you when you’ve been grappling with homelessness. Then there’re the obvious financial reasons and just having the motivation to get through something like an educational course. So we took this on as a group, and paid the course fees to enable our clients to achieve this accreditation.

 It’s great to see people take responsibility to continuously develop themselves. We’ll be working on other ideas and if you have any good ones please do let us know!